LSI Medience brings together the wealth of experience, technological expertise and knowledge of the company's three operating divisions (involved in clinical diagnostic, instrument and reagent operations, diagnostic testing operations, and operations involving non-clinical, clinical and safety studies) in looking to further strengthen our research and development abilities. Through this we hope to enhance our partnership and collaboration with the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation. Using this research and development ability as a base we plan on acting as a bridge in the field of diagnostic testing between pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions as one of the leading companies in this sector of research and development. The overall aim of these activities is to be able to contribute to improving the quality of life of our clients and of the general public.

In the areas of diagnostic testing systems and clinical testing in pharmaceutical operations the company is involved in the development of highly-functional and easy-to-use diagnostic equipment for use at medical facilities, as well as the development of highly-sensitive and stable diagnostic agents.

We are also ensuring that we take full advantage of the company's research and development functions in our exploration for new bio-markers. In carrying out the development of diagnostic reagents, diagnostic equipment, and testing technology that is intended to support advanced personalized medicine and preventative medicine, we are pushing ourselves to create a healthcare business that can cater to the needs of healthcare users in the immediate future.


The field of studying whole proteins (proteomes) existing in various biological systems such as certain type of living things, their tissues, cells in a certain state etc. For example, it may be used in the study of causes and treatment methods for the formation of cancer cells by comparing the proteomes of cancer cells and normal cells


The comprehensive analysis of metabolites in living organisms. By the comprehensive analysis of the increase and decrease of such metabolites that exist in living organisms as nucleic acids, amino acids, sugars, fats, new markers have been discovered for the efficacy of drugs, disease or side effects etc.


The study of sugar chains. Sugars are often combine with proteins or fats in living organisms and there are many examples to show that this is doing an important work in showing biological activity and it is expected to be applied in medicines and diagnostic testing.

Bio markers

This is a marker used in determining the extent of an illness or state of health. For example, blood sugar level is used as a biomarker for diabetes.

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