Global Recruitment

Global Recruitment

LSI Medience Corporation is seeking energetic and motivated people who have gained valuable experiences with excellent talents and creativity.
LSI Medience Corporation recruits both international students with ability to use business level Japanese and Japanese students with experiences abroad.
LSI Medience Corporation is sure to give you great opportunities in a variety of professional fields.
If you are interested in working at LSI Medience Corporation, please click on the link below. (Available only in Japanese)

Job Fields

·Research and development in the following fields
- Proteomics
- Metabolomics
- Glycoscience
- Biomarkers
·Non Clinical and Clinical Services
- Non Clinical Studies
- Bioanalysis Service
- Central Lab Service
- Accreditation and Quality Management System
·Food Sanitation&Hygiene Analysis


·Undergraduates or higher in one of the following majors
*For foreign students, a business level Japanese ability is required.
- Biochemistry
- Molecular Biology
- Analytical Chemistry

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