Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In looking to develop a vision of management aimed at creating a society that is both healthy and secure (Good Health Creator, MEDIcal + sciENCE), LSI Medience is fully committed to carrying out business in the medical treatment and healthcare sector; this is centered on the company's core operations of diagnostic testing and support for the drug development process.
Here at LSI Medience we realize our corporate social responsibility as a company involved in the healthcare industry and in peoples' health; in realizing this we take the appropriate measures to ensure that we strictly comply with all rules and regulations governing the protection of personal information and we believe such operations to be part of the company's core operating policies. In order for us to be able to achieve such high standards all of the company's employees recognize the importance of protecting personal information. This is underpinned by our development of a management responsibility framework to ensure that personal information maintained by LSI Medience is not subject to any leakage or misuse.

Collection and use of personal information

Any personal information collected and maintained by LSI Medience will only be carried out where necessary as part of the stipulated scope of the company's operations. In principle the company will not handle such personal information for purposes beyound their original intended use without first acquiring the consent of said person in advance, and we will take the relevant measures to ensure that any such incidents do not occur.


As part of our ongoing efforts to provide our clients with an improved service, LSI Medience may outsource certain elements of the company's operations-such as the handling of personal information within the scope of intended use-to selected subcontractors (including our group companies). Any such information is only outsourced to subcontracted companies that have been carefully selected as being capable of handling this information in an appropriate manner and that are compliant in efforts in carrying out personal information management.

Providing personal information to third parties

The company, with the exception of certain situations stipulated by law or related regulations, will not provide third parties with any personal information without first acquiring the consent of said person or said consent through the offices of the relevant medical institution.

Safety management measures for protecting personal information

The company is committed to promoting improvement of security measures in terms of facilities, equipment, systems, and work environment. In order to prevent any leakage, loss, or damage to personal information that the company maintains, we are currently implementing a number of practical measures to ensure these do not occur.

Complying with relevant laws and related regulations

LSI Medience is fully compliant with all laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information, and ensures that it follows all national guidelines relating to such issues and any other appropriate rules and regulations.

Responding to complaints and consultation

The company maintains a helpdesk to deal with any complaints or enquiries regarding our handling of personal information or concerning the company's management system used in the protection of personal information.

Continued improvement of the management system

The company has established and implemented a management system* for protecting personal information and makes constant efforts to continually revise and improve this.

*A management system that includes relevant guidelines, framework, planning, implementation, inspection and improvement measures for the protection of personal information.

Established: 1 March 2005
Revised: 1 April 2024
LSI Medience Corporation
President and Chief Executive Officer
Kenichi Uchino

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