Clinical Testing

Clinical Testing

Gene Analysis and Chromosome Testing

In this area of the company's operations we are constantly striving to adopt cutting-edge technology to provide our clients with the latest information from gene analysis and chromosome testing.

Research Testing

Here we explain what the company is capable of accepting, and their contents, in carrying out research testing. In focusing on recent innovations in testing technology and the future of this field, LSI Medience aims to make a broad ranging contribution to the area of life science and looks to be actively involved in the development of research testing items.

Drug and Toxicology Testing

This area of the company's operations offers a broad-ranging analytical service that supports treatment for poisoning at clinical setting. This involves using our advanced analytical technology ability - the world-class level of which is evidenced by the company's ISO/IEC17025 certification relating to drug and toxicology testing and doping testing.

Preventative Medicine

LSI Medience's involvement in providing a range of healthcare services such as our "health-check support" is based on our comprehensive clinical testing laboratory - one of the largest in Japan and which utilizes the latest testing techniques. From carrying out actual laboratory testing to coordinating medical examinations, the company is fully committed to providing the highest level of support for the development of preventative medicine.

Electronic medical Chart

Electronic medical Chart solutions that can be used in conjunction with LSI Medience's comprehensive clinical testing laboratory, the company's "m-KARTE" is intended for use in support of basic operations within medical institutions. We also carry out demonstrations of a hands-on working model of this convenient system.

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