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Support for Discovery Studies

We provide superior efficiency and speed for new drug discovery.
This involves comprehensive systems for exploring and identifying target diseases and technology that can assist in the highly sensitive analysis and evaluation and initial screening during the exploration stages of candidate compounds in the drug development process.

Development of new analytical methods based on LC/MS/MS
<Analytical Technology Research Department _ Tsukuba>

We offer non-GLP discovery bioanalytical services either in support of studies conducted in-house or as a stand-alone service, which can adapt to meet the rapid timelines and diverse needs required for the most efficient lead candidate selection.

  • Discovery PK study
  • Customization of methods for your own samples
  • Investigation & Development of Ultrasensitive assay(quantitative sensitivity level of pg-fg/mL)
  • Tuning of equipment and development of sample preparation method
  • Overall technology concerning LC-MS/MS


  • LC-MS/MS

    • Ultra-Sensitive Analysis; API 5000
    • Quantitative analysis; Metabolite profiling and identification; 4000Q-Trap
    • Quantitative analysis; Amino-acid analysis; 2000Q-Trap
  • Robots

    • Solid-phase extraction, Automatic pipetting device; Micro LAB STAR
    • Enzyme reaction, amino-acid derivatization; AP-2

Non-clinical discovery studies
<Advanced Medical Science Research Center & Kashima Laboratory>

  • Advanced Medical Science Research Center

    • Gene Expression Profiling
    • Genome Mutation Analyses
    • Drug Efficacy Parameters and Development of Measurement Methods
    • Measurement of Drug Concentrations in Protein Preparations
    • Cytokine Analysis in Peripheral Blood
    • Protein Expression Profiling by Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis
    • in vitro Phospholipidosis Screening
    • in vitro Hepatotoxicity Screening
    • Photocytotoxicity Tests
    • Others
  • Genotoxicity Studies

    • in vitro tests
      Simplified reverse mutation tests; in vitro micronucleus tests; IMC; Simplified chromosomal aberration studies; MLA
    • in vivo tests
      Simplified micronucleus tests; Simplified UDS; Simplified RDS

All of our research and studies are in strict adherence to the laws concerning protection and management of animals with full respect of the standards concerning care and management of test animals, and have been accepted and certified for animal welfare practices.

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