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Our Laboratories

Our Laboratories

Analytical Technology Research Department

Analytical Technology Research Department

The Analytical Technology Research Department was established on December 2006 in Tsukuba Science City (Tsukuba Center Inc., Tsukuba, Japan). We specialize in development of analysis methods of pharmaceuticals (non-GLP) with advanced MS technology. We also have experts in drug metabolite profiling and test substance analyses in the early stage of drug development.
Newly developed analysis methods can be shifted promptly to the clinical stage in collaboration with the Shimura Clinical Laboratory.

Clinical Development Service Center, Shimura Laboratory

Clinical Development Service Center, Shimura Laboratory

The Clinical Development Service Center is located at the Shimura Laboratory, our biggest facility for examinations and analyses, together with the Clinical Laboratory Center and Pathology and Cytology Center of the Diagnostics Testing Business Segment. A wide range of analyses and measurement are available, such as PGx/biomarker tests and drug concentration measurement with LC/MS/MS, at Japan’s first laboratory dedicated to clinical trials “Central Lab”. We contribute to speedy drug development through our comprehensive services in the clinical stage from collection of clinical trial samples to electronic data reporting to best meet the needs of clients.

Nonclinical Center, Kashima Laboratory

Kashima Laboratory

The Kashima Laboratory is located in a majestic coastal area of Kashimanada and is blessed with mild oceanic climate and clean air. It lies between Itako, a waterside district well-known for beautiful irises, and Choshi where the Japan Current and the Oyashio Current meet. We conduct various safety studies as well as pharmacology and pharmacokinetic studies in compliance with GLP regulations.
We provide comprehensive services to fully meet the needs of our clients through pharmaceutical, agricultural, and chemical safety studies in collaboration with conducting various tests and gene expression analyses, and the Yokohama Laboratory, which conducts environmental and ecotoxicity analyses.

Nonclinical Center, Kumamoto Laboratory)

Kumamoto Laboratory

Since our start as Panapharm Laboratories Co., Ltd. in 1985, we have been providing highly accurate evaluation of safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals and chemical compounds working from the lush green natural environment lying between Uto-shi and Uki-shi, Kumamoto.

Environmentel Risk Assessment Center, Yokohama Laboratory

Yokohama Laboratory

The Yokohama Laboratory is in charge of various environmental safety studies. We conduct biodegradation and bioaccumulation studies required for registration of new chemicals, as well as ecotoxicity studies that are of great interest nowadays.
Moreover, the newly established Risk Evaluation and Research Division (April 2008) serves to meet the needs of clients from preliminary consultation to notification on your behalf, including information survey, confirmation of data reliability, preparation of required documents, and registration.

All of our research and studies are in strict adherence to the laws concerning protection and management of animals with full respect of the standards concerning care and management of test animals, and have been accepted and certified for animal welfare practices.

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