Doping Tests

WADA-accredited drug-testing laboratories (listed in alphabetical order by city name; correct as of April 2007)

This table introduces the 34 WADA-accredited drug-testing laboratories located throughout the world.

   CITY COUNTRY Name of drug-testing laboratory
1 Athens GREECE Doping Control Laboratory of Athens
2 Ankara TURKEY Turkish Doping Control Center - Ankara, Turkey
3 Oslo NORWAY Hormone Laboratory
Section for Doping Analysis
Aker University Hospital
4 Kreischa GERMANY Institute of Doping Analysis - Dresden
5 Cologne GERMANY Laboratory for Doping Analysis
German Sports University Cologne
6 Cambridge GREAT BRITAIN Drug Surveillance Group
7 Ghent BELGIUM DoCoLab Universiteit Gent-Ugent
8 Seibersdorf AUSTRIA Austrian Research Centers GmbH - ARC Doping Control Laboratory
9 Sydney AUSTRALIA Australian Sports Drug Testing Laboratory (ASDTL) - Sydney
10 Stockholm SWEDEN Doping Control Laboratory
Karolinska University Hospital - Huddinge
11 Seoul KOREA Doping Control Center
Korea Institute of Science
and Technology
12 Salt Lake City U.S.A The Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory
13 Tunis TUNISIA Laboratoire de depistage du dopage - Tunis, Tunisia
14 Tokyo JAPAN Mitsubishi Kagaku Bio-Clinical Laboratories Inc
15 Havana CUBA Antidoping Laboratory
Sports Medicine Institute
16 Paris FRANCE Agence Francaise de Lutte contre le Dopage (AFLD)
Departement des Analyses
17 Barcelona SPAIN Institut Municipal d'Investigacio Medica
Unitat de Farmacologia
18 BANGKOK THAILAND National Doping Control Centre
Mahidol University - Bangkok, Thailand
19 Prague CZECH REPUBLIC General Faculty Hospital
Department of Doping Control
20 Bloem-fontein SOUTH AFRICA South African Doping Control Laboratory - Bloemfontein
21 Beijing CHINA China Doping Control Center
22 Penang MALAYSIA Doping Control Centre Penang
23 Helsinki FINLAND Doping Control Laboratory
United Laboratories Ltd - Helsinki
24 Bogota COLOMBIA Laboratorio de Control al Dopaje
Coldeportes Nacional Bogota - Colombia
25 Madrid SPAIN Laboratorio de Control del Dopaje
del Consejo Superior de Deportes
Madrid, Spain
26 Moscow RUSSIA Antidoping Centre Moscow
27 Montreal CANADA Laboratoire de controle du dopage
INRS - Institut Armand-Frappier
Rio de Janeiro Doping Control Laboratory
29 Lisbon PORTUGAL Laboratorio e Analises e Dopagem
Instituto do Desporto de Portugal
30 Lausanne SWITZERLAND Laboratoire Suisse d'Analyse du Dopage
31 Roma ITALY Laboratorio Antidoping
32 Los Angeles U.S.A UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory
33 London GREAT BRITAIN Drug Control Centre
King's College London
34 Warsaw POLAND Department of Anti-Doping Research Institute of Sport

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